Blue Wall Drawing #1 (2007)



Blue Wall Drawing #1 – can be made on any wall using blue permanent markers by following the instruction manual.  The instructions explain how to create an ‘organic’ geometric fluctuating pattern which can be steered by the people making the drawing.

The scale and shape of the drawing is determined by the scale and shape of the wall. The drawing can expand to any length with any length of wall. The drawing is made of only straight lines, drawn by using the markers and a straight edge as a guide so all the lines are straight. It can be made by anyone interested and willing to follow the instruction manual.

Although the pattern of the drawing is always the same, the angle and location of the key structural lines of the drawing are not measured but decided by the people making the drawing. Therefore the dynamics of the pattern always vary and fluctuate accordingly.

blue wall drawing #1 under construction 2007
Blue wall drawing #1, exhibition ‘Unravelled’, City Gallery, Wellington, NZ, 2019 -20