current exhibitions

BBKO (2014) Deakin University Museum of Art, February, 2020 (extended)
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Drawing on the Wall, curated by James Lynch
with artists Julia Gorman, David Harley and Kenny Pittock.
Image by Polo Jimenez

OMG, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, 2020 (ongoing)

Blue Wall Drawing #1, Wellington City Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

Unravelled, 30 November 2019 – 13 April 2020 (ongoing extended)

Curated by Robert Leonard with artists Kirsty Lillico, Isabela Louden, Martin Popplewell and Peter Robinson.

Forthcoming exhibitions:

5 x Five Walls, with Stephen Bram, Donna Comfort, Melinda Harper and John Nixon (scheduled for April, currently postponed to June 2020)